Cargo delivery

For cargo delivery MICRON is equipped with containers. Their size, quantity and placement are defined together with the customer. The cargo total weight including the weight of the containers is 100 kg. It is possible to place the cargo compartments directly on the fuselage of the MICRON helicopter as well as on the outer truss constructions of the external suspension.


For flying around the responsible areas and objective control MICRON can be furnished with different equipment. By agreement with the customer the monitoring devices mounting system can be developed as well as systems installation and their operation testing performed. It is possible to use infrared imagers, photo and video cameras, radars and other equipment for monitoring purposes.

Special purpose

MICRON can be used for agricultural purposes, in emergency situations as well as participate in fire fighting. Besides manned flights MICRON can be equipped with an automatic control system for unmanned flights thus significantly expanding the range of its application.