At the exhibition hydroaviasalon 2018 a Micron was presented modification «Amphibian»

Floats for the amphibious version have been finally manufactured by our order. Upon receipt of the floats the final calculation of the MICRON helicopter mounting structure is being made providing for the optimal weight distribution and achievement of good flight characteristics. After manufacturing there will be carried out tests on the mobile platform of the simulator and then flights from the airport in order to check the flight characteristics. Upon completion of this stage pool water tests with subsequent moving to the open water area are planned. A full cycle of water tests is scheduled for the spring of 2019.

Also for the amphibious version is being considered possibility of an optional installation of a small electric motor on the manufactured deadwood for maneuvering in the water area at idle speed of the aircraft main power unit. This option can significantly increase maneuvering performance on the water surface specifically essential during the aircraft approach and exit to the open water for take-off from the confined parking area.