News July, 2019

Dear colleagues!

I would like to immediately apologize for the long absence on the site. I will try to provide the most detailed review of the news on the Micron project:

The long search for a partner on the development, design and manufacture of blades has been finished.

We have started the design of the blades and tooling for serial production. The process is rather slow and extremely expensive. We estimate that the period until the release of the first serial kits will take about six months on the condition that everything goes smoothly and that we pass the strength tests and the subsequent flight tests flawlessly.

The Wankel engine is still on the stand. Four months of waiting for the purchased clutches, half a day for the final assembly, and after 30 seconds of operation the clutch burned down. The manufacturer changed the friction material: there used to be a woven brake band reinforced with brass wire, and now the manufacturer applied powder friction material, as on the worst brake linings on Moskvich or UAZ drum brakes.

We have found a local GOST-approved asbestos woven brake tape reinforced with brass wire (GOST 1198-93). In the nearest future we hope to make a new clutch and launch a motor stand.

At the same time, we keep working with the MZ202 and Hirth engines. We installed the purchased Hirth injector on the MZ202 with the hope of increasing the power plant capacity. The result was neutral: the expected increase in power was not observed. We put the injector on the Hirth 3203. The engine started to work better, but the resulting characteristics of torque and power required a change in the gear ratio of the main gearbox. We made new parts, today we are assembling a helicopter with a new gearbox. We are going to try it tonight!

As for some more optimistic news, we have finally completed the simulator platform. I performed my first flight in a helicopter fixed in the suspension of the simulator. The take-off training process took about 30 minutes. The instructor said that in 3-4 more lessons I will be able to take off in the simulator, move around the site and land on my own. This is where all the wonderful qualities of the coaxial rotor system are manifested. The helicopter is very stable, there is no need to work with pedals to compensate the rotor torque as in the classics. If you do not touch the controls while hovering, the helicopter hangs almost motionless. Light gusts of wind are countered with small pedal movements.

We have placed orders to manufacture the parts for the first three apparatus. Production time will be limited within three months. Another month will be needed for the assembly and the first three serial dreamboats will take their places in our hangar.