Parachute for helicopter.

Since next year, if requested by buyer, all Micron-3 helicopters can be equipped with a parachute rescue system. Now the pilot will obtain the opportunity to use the ballistic parachute system for safe landing in addition to the possibility of landing on autorotation. The new generation rescue system MAGNUM which is activated by a pyrotechnic charge was developed by Czech company STRATOS 07. This product is certified by LAA CZ, USA, DULV and DAEC of Germany, Ssec of the French Association UL and meets all missile safety requirements.

Above the bearing screws there will be installed a plastic container with parachute and exhaust missile located in a special shock and temperature-protected container from the side of the laid parachute. When the launcher is pressed, the pyrotechnic charge and the missile fly out, pull the spare parachute for the whole length of the fall, after which the parachute is practically instantly opened due to the incoming flow. Such a design allows the parachute to open as quickly as possible practically without the helicopter slipping in altitude above the ground (only for the length of the fall), which makes it indispensable for low-altitude flights. To activate the rescue system, it will only be sufficient to pull the cable of the missile launcher above the pilot ‘s head.

MAGNUM rescue systems provide rescue and protection from life-threatening situations even at low flight altitude above ground. It is strongly recommended to use them in every critical situation where there is doubt about a safe landing. The MAGNUM series of life-saving systems are designed to provide perfect operation and high reliability in emergency situations without serious consequences.

Minimum altitude required to open the parachute and set the helicopter to steady-state mode at zero flight speed (hanging mode) is 200m above ground. When flying horizontally at a speed of more than 60 km/h, the minimum safe height for parachute deployment is 80 meters.

The experience of military specialists and manufacturers of ejection seats for fighter aircraft was taken into account during the rescue system designing. Also, there was a very close cooperation with the parachute test laboratory of the Czechoslovak Army (the first products were developed in collaboration). Rescue systems are designing and manufacturing with great care and utmost attention to quality and impeccable functioning and are recommended for application even in the most difficult situations that can arise in flight.