The International Helicopter Industry Exhibition – HELIRUSSIA 2020 (Moscow, Crocus Expo, 15-17-th of September 2020)

RD-Heli LLC presented an updated ultralight Mikron-3 helicopter with a completely redesigned system of swashplate and an optional dashboard with a multi-functional display.
As a variant of commercial application, a helicopter can be equipped with a thermal imaging scanning aircraft system designed for remote sensing of the earth’s surface.The ultralight aircraft usage for the purpose of earth remote sensing enables to reduce the object’s monitoring operational costs in hundreds times.
At the time being, a small-scale Micron-3 production has been established by RD-Heli LLC. Micron-3 is available as a KIT for self-Assembly and as a full-scale training complex consisting of a helicopter and a mobile full-scale-simulator/platform for initial training and pilot’s actions testing.
The ultra-light and reliable canadian MZ 202 engine is offered as a powerplant.
The prospects of Micron helicopters usage was positively evaluated by the famous Soviet and Russian Aviator, honored test pilot, hero of Russia Nikolai Fedorovich Gavrilov.