The new engine

In course of flight tests with the installed rotary engine there was revealed a problem of insufficient power of the power unit. Despite all attempts to make settings and adjustments of the engine operation on board the aircraft we failed to bring the flight characteristics to the calculated. It was decided to remove the rotary engine, place it back on the stand and develop a digitally controlled ignition and injection system therefor. In order not to interrupt the scheduled flight tests for the time of such works we bought a Hirth 3203 engine allowing to install it in place of WANKEL-AG LCR-814-B without significant structural modifications of the aircraft airframe.

HIRTH 3203 engines have long service life, produce more power than any other engine in its class and are leaders among engines for ultralight, single-seat and training helicopters. Slightly less power of this power unit compared to WANKEL-AG LCR-814 is compensated by less weight due to the lack of liquid cooling system.

At present time the Hirth power unit is being refined and updated for installation in a vertical position. The scheduled time for continuation of the flight tests is late August.