In their work our team is guided by responsible support of development, implementation and maintenance of the created equipment.
For high-quality performance of works we get involved our own professional staff as well as specialists from partner companies providing development and production of aircraft adjacent components, delivery and legal support.


On purchasing the MICRON set you choose the convenient for you way of delivery.

In case of self-delivery we invite you to our office to accept the set and complete the documents.

We also offer you to use the services of any convenient shipping company to deliver the set to your address.

The set is packed into the container of 2500?1200?1300 size weighting 200 kg.

Delivery by any means of land, air and water transport is available.

Upon agreement with you on the dispatch terms and choice of the shipping company we pack your set into the container and forward it to the shipping company with all necessary accompanying delivery documents.


You can order development, production of accessory and installation of your equipment.

Our team is ready to perform design and manufacturing of parts for installation of optional equipment on board the MICRON helicopter at the request of the customer.

Active cooperation with representatives of the customer guarantees prompt and accurate fulfillment of the specified requirements for installation of equipment.

At the request of the customer the equipment will be installed by our specialists on board the helicopter. Upon completion of installation works it is possible to conduct a test flight according to program agreed with the customer to assess the functioning of the installed equipment.

Technical support

The MICRON owners are provided with operational technical support.

Answers to questions on assembly and operation as well as newsletters and technical documentation are provided on the MICRON helicopter owners technical forum.

Our technical experts are ready to provide your support at any time except for sleep and lunch break.

Research and development

We created MICRON because it is important for us to evolve and create the innovative.

Our team has knowledge and capabilities allowing to create aviation equipment. The field of our interests includes application of new technologies of helicopter as well as prospective aircraft parts, assemblies and units design and production.

We study and accumulate experience of domestic and foreign teams for creation and implementation of our own products as well as our customers ideas.

If our interests coincide we are ready to cooperate with you.